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It’s all about the rhythm of the writing

Two new script typefaces from Type-Ø-Tones to write your own story.

Type-Ø-Tones releases four new wide-ranging type families

With Ella, Karol, Karol Sans, and Eixample, Type-Ø-Tones present a slate of new, historically informed, completely unique type families. These four designs contain 9 typefaces and a total of 46 different styles, all available to license from Type Network.

Get friendly with five feisty faces from Type-Ø-Tones

Josema Urós and Laura Meseguer warm the Type Network catalog with a simpatico quintet, including Harri, designed by Juan Luis Blanco, a winsome homage to the indigenous letterforms of the Basque Country.

DINosaur routs the template

Type-Ø-Toneslatest creation offers a warm, fluid alternative to the technical rigidity of typical grid-based sans serifs

The Type-Ø-Tones are now part of TypeNetwork

Inspired by vernacular lettering and the art found everywhere, the Type-Ø-Tones are known for their eclectic typographic explorations, and their gift for turning collaboration into an art form all its own.